This is a picture of a rodents.

Dealing with a rodent and wasps and bees problem on your property can cause all manner of negative effects. Whether for a commercial or residential property, ensuring that you have the required access to quality rodent control is important and Santa Rosa Pest Control brings you the experience and capability you’re looking for. We have the capability to deal with all manner of members of the rodent population and to ensure that you not only get removal but also remediation efforts to keep them away in the future as well.

Mice Control

More commonly dealt with in residential properties, mice can wreak havoc within your cupboards, present the possibility of disease and leave reminders of their presence all throughout your home. When looking for quality mouse control and extermination in order to deal with the issue once and for all, you can count on the capability that Santa Rosa Pest Control brings to your property. With the right inspection, treatment and trapping, you have the ability to effectively deal with any level of infestations within your property. From your home to your barn, we have your removal needs covered effectively and affordably.

Rat Control

Whether you own a commercial property, restaurant or otherwise, the presence of rats not only brings negative health risks but can also be a reason behind your business suffering as a result. We understand that no business owner wants to deal with the hazards that rats bring to a property and that getting the right professional services is something that you need to count on. This is why we bring you simple booking, immediate response and the level of care and attention you can count on to ensure that you have the best in local rat exterminator services brought to your business.

Raccoon Removal

Though not as immediately recognizable as issues that rats and mice bring to your property, raccoon presence can cause a whole other series of problems. Not only do they continually come back to areas they find opportunistic but also provide risks to pets, children, employees and all manner of other individuals present on your property. With aggressive behavior and disease rampant throughout their communities, the presence of these creatures is something that needs to be taken seriously. When you make the call to Santa Rosa Pest Control for treatment, you can count on a quality response from capable professionals to deliver results.

Rodent Control

From chipmunks to squirrels, rats to mice and beyond, we provide you with the means to effectively deal with all manner of rodent presence on your property. Our experts understand the level of potential risk they provide to your property and bring you the full range of treatment options you need in order to remove those potential effects. When looking for quality, affordable treatment for your residential or commercial property in the Santa Rosa area, making the call to the local professionals in pest removal will ensure that you have a result delivered that you can count on.

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