Termites & Ants
This is a picture of a termites and ants.

Whether it’s the risk of physical property damage or the continual presence of minor pests throughout your home, getting the right control measures put into place for termite and ant presence will provide you with the clean and safe property you’re looking for. With the attentive services of pest control specialists at Santa Rosa Pest Control, you can depend on a treatment measure that works, removing not only the existing problems but also providing you the protection needed to keep your property clear of pests for years to come.

Home Damage

Everyone has heard of the penchant termites have for wood as a food source, yet many can be a little in the dark when it comes to realizing exactly how much this building material is involved on your property and the speed in which these pests can make their way through it. With a termite infestation on your property, the ability for these insects to cause weakening and damage is high and the speed is quick. Getting the right termite control measures in place is important to ensure that you protect your property from serious damage.

Continual Presence

Though ants within your property may not pose the immediate health risks that other invasive species do, the continual reminder each day of their presence can be a tiresome experience. We provide you with the ant exterminator services you need to ensure that you can clear their presence from your property and to once again be the controlling species within your home. With the right attentive services brought to your home, you can count on results that will effectively deal with these problems at the source, providing you with the result you’re looking for in a timely manner.

Baiting & Trapping

The movement of ants and termites are driven by the continual search of food and the travel spent to obtain it. This makes baiting and trapping some of the most effective means of dealing with these particular species. Whether termite and ant control measures are delivered through poisons that are brought back to the colony or tracking down the source in order to make treatment efforts in that location, you can depend on the experience of our professionals to provide you with a result you can count on for immediate noticeability. With the right treatment, there’s no issue we can’t assist your property with.


If the issue of ant and termite presence is large enough within your property, looking to immediate and more extreme measures can be warranted. This can be especially pertinent in dealing with issues of termite presence. The sheer level of damage and potential risk they pose to your property means that you need to have termite extermination you can count on and Santa Rosa Pest Control will provide you with the range of options required to get the best possible results. No matter the means of approach, you can count on our experts to provide you with reliability and rodents service.

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