Ticks & Fleas
This is a picture of a tick.

Having pests within your property that target yourself, your loved ones and your pets are an obvious source of ire and a situation that we know Santa Rosa area homeowners want to have dealt with swiftly and effectively. Whether looking for flea control, tick extermination or other services, you can count on our experts to bring you a reliable and effective means of getting full treatment brought to your property. Whatever the issue at hand, you can depend on Santa Rosa Pest Control for quality.

Flea Treatment

Whether your pets are incessantly scratching or your finding the tell-tale signs around your ankles of flea presence, the means in which you come to the full awareness of flea presence usually comes too late. Much like other parasitic insects, the size of the pest in question can be the greatest tool they have in hiding. For particularly bad levels of presence, the ability to full remove these invaders from your space can be especially difficult and turning to the likes of Santa Rosa Pest Control to provide you with professional treatment can be the best option for your home.

Tick Treatment

Ticks not only make themselves at home on your pet’s skin but can also pose threats to yourself and other family members. The capability for this invasive species to pass on various health risks and diseases is also high, which determines the priority of required treatment. Whatever the biting insect within your property, you can count on Santa Rosa Pest Control to bring you the highest level of experience and capability when it comes to the full removal of these pests. With a single phone call and quality treatment brought to your home, your issues are as good as gone.

Passing Problems

One of the major issues that comes with the presence of these particular bugs is in their willingness to swap from animal hosts to human feeding grounds on a whim. When it comes to a food source, they aren’t picky and will move to any accessible source in order to get what they need. This means that your family members and your pets are continually at risk and require the right level of treatment in order to ensure that you have the complete and effective removal of these pests in order to provide the safest environment possible for all those within.

Burrowing In

Whether we’re speaking in terms of ticks burrowing into their hosts, or the eggs of these creatures being in tucked away areas deep within carpet fibers or otherwise, the treatment of these particular pests required a deep level of attention and care. When making the choice to call in the pest control specialists at Santa Rosa Pest Control for your needs, you can count on our professionals to bring you the most in-depth services possible in order to deliver complete care. Protect yourself, your family and your furry friends with the right level of care and treatment brought to your home. Find out much more details about us.

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