Wasps & Bees
This is a picture of a wasps and bees.

When it comes to biting and stinging insects within your property, we can understand your desire to have proper removal efforts delivered. When turning to the expertise of Santa Rosa Pest Control, you can count on a service that knows how to provide results while also attempting to maintain the presence of positives that these insects can bring. Where displacement can be a better option than outright extermination, you can depend on our experts to provide you with the options necessary for effective treatment.

Allergen Risk

One of the most present issues that comes with wasps and bees on your property is the threat of severe allergen risk. As these insects tend to attack in groups, the means for one sting to turn into many and pose significant and even life-threatening risk is always present. Getting the right treatment brought to your property in order to remove the threat from your property is the objective of Santa Rosa Pest Control and we provide you with a full-service solution that you can count on to completely remove these pests from your Santa Rosa area property.

Violent Bugs

Wasps in particular are territorial pests, which means that your mere presence around their nesting grounds can be enough to sir them into a frenzy. When you have pets or young children on your property, this can be an especially dangerous behavior. When turning to the experts at Santa Rosa Pest Control to provide you with the wasp control measures you need, you can breathe a little easier knowing that the professionals we provide to your property will deliver a result that gets to the heart of the issue and removes it from the source, clearing out your property of this potential risk.

Nest Control

The key aspect of providing you with wasp and bee control is bringing attentive services that start at the nest. As both of these insects are communal creatures, the home base of their operation is always a location in which you will find the majority of their presence and more importantly, the babies that will turn into future pests. When choosing Santa Rosa Pest Control for your needs, you can count on a service that deals with these invaders at every step of their existence in order to provide a through result you can count on for your property.

Relocation Efforts

As much as there are risks to havingĀ  on your property, there are benefits that come with their presence. We all know the honey that bees produce and the pollination effects they have on gardens, flowers and more, which make their presence in your area a benefit, just not in concentrated numbers on your property. In our wasp and bee control services, we always attempt to primarily relocate these creatures to a space in which they provide benefit without the risk, not only protecting your home but also ensuring that they can continue to live their lived in a better means. Check out our Ticks and Fleas services.

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