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We want our home to be a safe place, to provide shelter and care for everyone within it and to ensure that you can live comfortably. When pests decide to move into your property though, those safety benefits are questioned, and you can find yourself in need of either an efficient exterminator or pest control measures that will return your home to the previous state of comfort you’ve come to expect.

Making the choice to call in Prime Pest Control Santa Rosa for your needs will provide you with a level of care and attention to detail that will see to any exterminator services required. Whether you’re looking for spider control, scorpion pest removal or more common ant control services and bug control you can count on, bringing in our experts will provide you with quality. We are dedicated to bringing timely and reliable services no matter the situation, all while remaining one of the most affordable source of pest control within the Santa Rosa area. When results matter, who you choose to provide them does too.

Santa Rosa, CA

We bring a full range of exterminator and pest control services to your property in order to give you the power over your property that you expect. Whether you’re dealing with issues in need of fly control, require a rat exterminator or need pest and termite services, you have the means at hand to get the best possible results with just a simple phone call. We provide you with the options you need to treat any invasive species on your property, providing the best in residential and commercial services for the entirety of the city to depend on.

This is a picture of a termites and ants.
Termites & Ants

Termite and ant issues within your property have you constantly surrounded by insects with only food on the mind. When it comes to termite problems, the potential for structural damage from their voracious appetite is always present, which makes both termite and ant control important services for your home. With the right means of getting to the heart of the matter and termite control you can count on, Prime Pest Control Santa Rosa is here for you.

This is a picture of a rodents.

From mice to rats, squirrel and raccoon control you can count on, making the call to Prime Pest Control Santa Rosa will ensure that you get the treatment you’re looking for. We provide you the full range of trapping and rat extermination services you need, you can count on the capability and experience of our specialists to deliver results you can depend on as a long-term solution to your rodent issues.

“As the owner of a small restaurant, dealing with ants and flies within the property is important to me. I have relied on Prime Pest Control Santa Rosa for a few years now and they are always dependable. The come a few times a year to ensure that my business is protected.” – Helen C. 

This is a picture of a bed bugs.
Bed Bugs

Bed bug treatment is a multi-step service that requires attention in each aspect in order to provide full removal. When looking for the professional touch to deliver the treatment you need to your bed, carpeting and other affected areas, you can depend on the attentive, quality services that Prime Pest Control Santa Rosa provides to your home. Give yourself a good night sleep once more with an expert service from your local pest control specialists.

This is a picture of a ticks and fleas.
Ticks & Fleas

Ticks and fleas within your home not only pose risks to your pets but also to your loved ones. The constantly biting and scratching, the potential health risks and more, cause this particular infestation to be one that required full and immediate treatment. When looking for a simple and effective means of clearing your home of these pests, make the call to Prime Pest Control Santa Rosa today and get the affordability you’re looking for brought to your property.

“I have had to make the call to Prime Pest Control Santa Rosa a couple times for cockroach control. With a rental unit in my home, I need to keep the property in the best condition at all times and I know that I can count on them.” – Paul W. 

This is a picture of a wasps and bees.
Wasps & Bees

Though the presence of bees and wasps within your property can provide you with some benefit, the risk they pose to your pets, children and otherwise outweigh that characteristic. When choosing Prime Pest Control Santa Rosa to provide you with the bee and wasp control services you need, you can count on us to bring you a relocation service that will ensure their benefits are best served elsewhere, other than within your Santa Rosa property.

This is a picture of a mosquitos.

As soon as the summer months make their way around, the presence of mosquitos is something that almost all properties have to deal with. When looking for an effective means of mosquito exterminator services and remediation, choosing to reach out to the specialists at Prime Pest Control Santa Rosa will ensure that you get a service that works. With a few short visits, we can minimize the number of these pests within your property and give you a comfortable environment once more.

“I never figured I would need a rat exterminator for my home, yet when I did, I was frantically searching for a solution. I called Prime Pest Control Santa Rosa and they were extremely thorough in the treatment they delivered, removing the problem quickly from my home.” – Sean J.

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Simplicity in reaching our experts is important to the services we provide, and we ensure that when you take the time to call into our offices, that we take the time to answer immediately. When you find yourself in need of quality pest control services, our delivery of a reliable service starts the moment we pick up the phone. With ease in booking an inspection service and the dedicated exterminator required to deal with any invasion, making the choice to reach out to Prime Pest Control Santa Rosa will provide you with results you can depend on to remove any unwanted creature.