Is pest control a good trade?

Around 12,800 vacancies are projected for Pest Control workers each year, on average, for the decade. Pest control is a big industry. He is a worker and a game of thinking men. Customers love you when you help them.

Find a great trade and you can have a rewarding career. I treat my boys like family. I encourage their development as professionals and individuals. I pay for your continuing education and your certifications.

The working group found that pest management meets all the attributes of being a trade and several of those that make up a profession. Pest control service can be challenging but rewarding, and it's big local business for ambitious entrepreneurs. Contact your state's pest control board for information on certification and to find out what is required in your area. You can offer monthly, quarterly, and annual pest control packages to help generate a stable revenue stream.

While not for everyone, pest control has many benefits, including good wages, important work, resistance to recession, and the ability to work without direct supervision. This step is non-negotiable, as pest control chemicals can be very dangerous for you, your employees, and your customers. In this video, Martin Rose-King and Elliott Rose-King of Bounty Pest Control talk about their work identifying and reporting Asian wasps, and how you can help. On this basis, it seems that pest control occupies the space encompassed by trade and profession, but ultimately fits more comfortably into the category of trade.

To be qualified to provide pest control services, you will need to maintain your active certification. However, you will still need to invest in training, equipment, uniforms, and marketing for pesticide application. Now that I have the intelligent answer out of the way, yes, pest control is always going to be in demand. While the general public might consider pest control as a trade, this does not necessarily reflect the complexities of pest control.

In this video, Karen Dawes, director of training and development for the British Pest Control Association, discusses future considerations for pest control qualifications. I owned my own small pest control business for six years before deciding to buy a nationally branded franchise. If you have experience working for another pest control company, you should have a basic understanding of current rates and how to price their services.