Who to call for wildlife removal?

Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) does not capture or trap healthy wild animals, unless the animal appears to be rabid or has bitten a person or pet. If healthy wildlife is a nuisance, you can call 411 or search the Internet for a wildlife removal service. Call the Game Fisheries Department Regional Office & to locate other licensed rehabilitators. National Wildlife Rehabilitation Association Animal Help Now Wildlife should not be handled or transported by anyone other than a trained professional, as they may be carriers of rabies and parasites.

Many wildlife management advocates say that wildlife management is probably what seems to be a necessity to control the exact number of wildlife rodents. Human Animal Control · Squirrel Elimination · Raccoon Elimination · Bird Elimination · Dead Wildlife · Mouse and Rat Control. Hunters Wildlife Removal is a full-service wildlife control company that provides services in New York City, New York. If you need local help in New York City, New York, such as professional raccoon removal services, local raccoon rehabilitators, or state life services wild or local city or county animal services, see below for the appropriate telephone number.

On his porch in Wildlife Woods, rodent exterminator Ricky keeps an aluminum cake pan filled with orange peels and peanuts with the shells on. They won't come to your home to provide services, but they can answer questions about state wildlife laws and potentially advise you. If you can't find a wildlife rehabilitator, call the Pennsylvania Hunting Commission Regional Office. Animal Advocate Shares Love for Animals While Helping Native Chinese Learn English in the Areas of Wildlife Management and Troy Recreation Center The WHP is funded, in part, by funding from the Federal Aid In Wildlife Restoration Grant NY W-178-R-2 NYS Wildlife Health Grant.

Call your local Games and Parks Commission conservation officer to locate a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. In his letters, the animal advocate has asked these leaders to establish what appears to be a wildlife management area for possum, squirrels and other wild animals that roam New York. They may be able to recommend a local hunter, but they will not discuss the ethical or humane treatment of wildlife.