What is wildlife removal?

In most states, it is illegal to release wildlife on land that is owned or managed by the federal, state, or local government. This means that you cannot, for example, catch. This means that you can't, for example, catch a possum on your property and release it in the nearest city, state, or national park. It is also illegal to release animals on property owned by other people.

Wildlife removal refers to removing a selected animal or a specific population of a species from a property, which may include a home or business.

Wildlife removal

is the process by which annoying animals are removed from private property or business. Whether the animal is causing harm, destruction, or discomfort, we can remove them for you. We use safe and humane practices to get animals off their property and make sure they don't return.

Sometimes people confuse wildlife removal with the services of The two may seem similar, but they are different in terms of the types of animals they work with and the circumstances of their removal. With the right information and supplies, you may be able to resolve some wildlife conflicts on your own. Exclusion methods should be tested by a professional, who knows where to look and what is the best approach for each type of wildlife threat. Complete the Annoying Wildlife Control Registry (PDF) (see instructions (PDF) to complete the registration) and submit it by September 30 of each year.

Many people wonder about the differences between wildlife removal and animal control, as Welcome to NY-NJ Wildlife Removal, your first step to effective and humane elimination of wildlife within your home or office. The information on the following pages is intended to help landowners discover how to prevent and control negative wildlife encounters. Certain animals, such as skunks, raccoons, squirrels, and even snakes, are considered protected wildlife. A good place to start looking for regulations in your state is the parks and wildlife department or the fish and game commission.

However, only the property owner or a licensed professional can eliminate wildlife that falls under these categories, and there are still rules that must be followed in removing and disposing of these animals. Even with a nuisance animal extraction permit, there are still things you can't do when catching or removing wildlife. For wildlife that has settled inside your home, removal should begin with an attempt to get animals to leave your home.